Beyond the Field of Play is not just about what happens within the confines of the stadia. It also offers coverage of socio-political issues in football with a particular soft spot for the Italian & English game. While predominantly focusing on issues surrounding football any relevant or eye-catching stories in the world of sport may also be discussed.

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I am also Editor in Chief for Richard Hall’s website – The Gentleman Ultra which features on the Guardian Sport Network. This includes my guide to the Ultras of Italian football.

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    • Yes but sport gives even the poorest of the poor a great deal of pleasure. In India for example – cricket – the street kids have a pile of stones for stumps, a piece of wood for a cricket bat and a ball and it’s amazing to see their fun and joy that they might not otherwise have – it also teaches them team spirit, social skills and a sense of belonging and pleasure that they might definitely otherwise have. Yes we must fight for basic needs but also provide fun and play especially for children.

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